Frequently asked questions

What can I expect on my first visit?

First appointments are generally 90-minutes long. During this time there is a lot of questions, as we dive through all aspects of your health history. I give you a chance to tell me your experience, and then we do some focused questioning to get a big picture of your health. I perform any relevant physical exams and often I order some lab work to further assess. Lab work could include bloodwork through your local lab, as well as some comprehensive, functional testing. I present you with options for your treatment and make sure you're well informed about each one. Usually by the end of the first visit, we’ve got an individualized plan in place and we’re ready to start.

What about follow-up appointments?

Follow-up is unique to the patient and it depends on where you are at in your treatment plan. Some patients come in on a regular basis to receive a particular treatment, other patients follow-up every few weeks or as needed. Telemedicine follow-ups are available, as long as it is deemed appropriate by Dr. Haavaldsen. Ultimately, the goal is to get you feeling good and on a plan as soon as possible. 

Is naturopathic medicine covered by Alberta Health Services?

No, it is not. Most extended benefit plans cover naturopathic medicine, similar to massage therapy and chiropractic services. Contact your provider to find out what your coverage is.


For Dr. Haavaldsen's rates, please contact Naturally Inclined Health.  

Is a naturopathic doctor the same thing as a naturopath?

It depends on where you are. The term naturopathic doctor (ND) is reserved for those who have completed a 4-year post graduate program at an accredited naturopathic medical school (see here for more information). In some jurisdictions the title "naturopath" is also protected, but not always. This means that someone using the title naturopath may not have the same degree of training and may not be regulated.